Giving your property listing booking appeal is important to maximise your occupancy rate. Its a demanding, crowded market, and you need to stand out from your competitors.


Professional photos are important. Show off your properties features in its best light, as well as its selling points and unique features – for example, if your property has a spa, then consider a photograph of a well-lit bubble bath. Touches like fresh flowers, plush linen and a well-made bed in warm natural sunlight are often the winning touch


It is important that you carefully craft your description. Be expressive, and ensure you use emotion whilst succinctly summing up your property. Rather than stating that you have a large kitchen with new appliances including a dishwasher, say something like ‘Why not visit the local market make a remarkable meal using these top of the range appliances and well-stocked kitchen, and leave the washing up to the dishwasher (dishwasher tabs are under the sink)’. Painting a picture like this in your description can invest emotion into your guest, and it is more likely they will reach out for a booking


Don’t go too high. Its better to have a slightly lower rate to attract customers; a lower rate with high occupancy generates the most interest amongst guests, with a degree of exclusivity. These will leave reviews and then generate a strong history for your property. You can, therefore, increase your listing costs gradually, as the demand increases, whilst maintaining a high occupancy rate.


Inclusions on your listing like a kitchen, Tea/Coffee provisions and even clothes washing facilities and supplies can also be a massive sticking point for guests. Especially guests who plan to stay longer, such as business workers or families.

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How to give your Air BNB listing booking appeal