We're dedicated to making your Sunshine Coast property more money through Airbnb

B&B Hospitality is a trusted property management company that provides investors with an opportunity to maximise their profits through unlocking the short term rental market. We use tools such as Airbnb to increase occupancy rates and generate higher rental returns.

What we do

Today, B&B Hospitality offers a range of specialist property management services tailored to the short term rental market. Headquartered on the Sunshine Coast and operating across Australia, the company offers an individually tailored and unique property management service. This complete service package is totally hands-off meaning you get to keep your valuable time whilst maximising your investments, and includes:

  • Detailed research and analysis
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Marketing and advertising,
  • Guest management from initial contact, 24/7 support and reviews.
  • Property management including coordination of cleaning, linen change overs and minor property maintenance.

This allows property investors or those seeking to maximise their rental yields to achieve significantly higher investment returns than traditional long term rentals. Benefits include;

  • All in one place information and contact
  • Efficient property management
  • Maximise your revenue
  • Scale your property investment portfolio or business

In addition to managing properties for clients, B&B Hospitality also manages a number of AirBnB properties directly for the company – as mentioned, all the team at B&B Hospitality are seasoned property investors.

Our Team


The Team at B&B Hospitality are experienced property investors who have worked on developments, rentals and own property across Australia.
Initially founded on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, B&B Hospitality has since grown to offer Airbnb property management services across the country, specialising on the Sunshine Coast, Canberra, Newcastle, Adelaide, and the Gold Coast.

B&B Hospitality started with an idea to rent out a Sunshine Coast apartment on Airbnb during a long overseas holiday; the challenge was how to manage the property to an appropriate standard in a cost-effective manner. Initially this was through favours from friends and family (many dinners and lunches were bought as thanks), however, the lessons learned and contacts made in solving our pain points were invaluable in slowly building an effective property management service.

From that initial summer rental on the Sunshine Coast, B&B Hospitality has grown into a diverse and sophisticated team of friendly Airbnb managers who love property and are highly successful in their fields.

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